Play now! Join the battle in the HEXADIUM

HIVE: Altenum Wars is out now on Steam and PS4!



HIVE is a multiplayer hero shooter in 2.5D side scrolling with futuristic style and frenetic gameplay. Up to 10 players simultaneously can fight in Hexadiums, hexagon-shaped combat areas located all around the planet HIVE. Hexadiums are scenarios that are divided into 6 zones, each with its own gravity, different platforms, hideouts and open spaces that turn it into a frenetic battlefield.

Join the final battle in the HEXADIUM

In HIVE, we play the role of the best fighters of different factions that exist in the game: human military (UFG), human modified by Altenum (NHC), robots (EVO), and evolved aliens (Aeons). These heroes, now called Hexadiers, have to conquer the hexagonal coliseum to obtain Altenum, a vital energy source for interspatial travelling in the XXVI century. Win the battle and get fuel to survive, explore and colonize new planets!
Each Hexadier has several inborn skills and a selection of weapons that can be equipped before entering battle. This way, heroes will be an extension of each player gaming style making an unique gameplay with hundreds of combinations.

Four different GAMEMODES ready to play

Four different game modes for playing, three including full online competitive features and one focused on single player and co-op. New game modes coming soon…

3 Points to conquer

Each side has its own gravity direction

Team Deathmatch

Industrial environment


Internal cave from HIVE IV

Survive against Speeders, Dyggers and Yblins!


HIVE status

July 22, 2016|

HIVE News Information for Ingame Purposes

Play now! Join the battle in the HEXADIUM

HIVE: Altenum Wars is out now on Steam and PS4!



Founded in 2014 by David Rodríguez and Marco Domingo, Catness is an independent video game developer studio based in Castellón, Spain. Catness has been created by an experimented multidisciplinary team of programmers, artists and designers. The team aims to create titles for PC and next generation consoles that are interesting both to them and to their audience, especially those who loves competitive games and realistic 3D simulations. Although they have two more games behind their backs, Hive: Altenum Wars is the first game entirely developed by the whole team. Definitely, HIVE is clearly an expression of aesthetics and mechanics that define Catness team.

HIVE: Altenum Wars is developed by Catness Game Studios and published by Annadreb & Consulting Limited

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  • Realistic Architectural Visualization

  • UE4 console porting

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