Version 0.9.41 has been released and with it a lot of changes that will give HIVE: Altenum Wars a fresh and dynamic new approach! Despite this, this version is still an Alpha version in development, and therefore, multiple errors can appear, as well as lack of clarity in some aspects of the game. Below we will detail some of the most important changes since the previous stage of “Testing” was finished a few months ago.

Most important changes:


  • Split screen of up to 4 players (Only with gamepads)
  • Integration with Gamepad
  • MACOSX version (experimental)

Main menu:

  • Redesign of the main menu with a simpler and more dynamic aesthetic adapted for both mouse and gamepad control.
  • More complete settings menu in which the sound settings already appear.
  • Auto calibration of video settings using an initial benchmark


  • Redesign of the lobby with a simple and minimalist aesthetic adapted for both mouse and gamepad control
  • Texturing of some of the characters
  • Redesign of the skills configuration section
  • Chat in the lobby
  • All the characters that are united at that moment in the lobby are displayed
  • Possibility of changing game mode


  • New game mode King of the Hill.
  • New map “Altenum Lab” for the new game mode.
  • New weapons and skills
  • New particle effects
  • New system of medals


Known errors
For error tracking we have prepared a board where you can see all the known errors so far and that we have intention to correct.