The latest patch is here with thousands new lines of code and tons of new assets! We tried to listen to the community feedback in order to deliver what you expected for this update.

New map and game mode: Guard

One of the most repeated request was to add more maps and more gamemodes. Well, we did both by creating a new map that includes a new game mode. This map is an old rusty space station in which you need to escort a payload in her way to the enemy base in order to explode it and win the game.

New Character: Olivia

A New Character has been added to the roster. Olivia, Tactical officer of the UFG, specialist in strategy and control of the situation. It is equipped with a technologically advanced armor. She studied at the UFG academy, one of the brightest minds. Characterized by professionalism, and seriousness, it is difficult to get her to show her feelings. Despite Olivia and Jacob are great companions, there is a great rivalry between them.

New Weapons

With the new character, new weapons had to be done specially for Olivia. But not only that, we added new weapons to other character aswell we do some balance to the current ones.

Olivia Weapons:

  • Floating Mine (Throwable) – Small mine that floats and activates when touching with an enemy
  • Gravity Singularity (Special ability) – Anti-gravitational area that leaves without gravity every enemy that enters it
  • Sniper – Military weapon of instantaneous reach and great precision. It does x4 of damage if you do a headshot
  • Healing Link – Establish a link that cure the linked ally
  • Chaser Rocket Launcher – Fires rockets that can modify their trajectory in order to chase the objective
  • Double Electro Shoot – Shoots two electrified balls that will stun the enemy that has been hit
  • Old Weapons added to Olivia: Rifle, Bouncing Rifle and Machinegun

Other Characters With new Weapons

  • Archer: Blades – Sequence of three air cuts combining fast movements
  • Jacob: Double Electro Shoot – Shoots two electrified balls that will stun the enemy that has been hit
  • Sidi: Point Attractor (New throwable) – Ball of energy that can attract all enemies close to it
  • Sidi: Healing Link – Establish a link that cure the linked ally
  • Khloe: Dron (new special ability) – Deploy small intelligent robot that will chase and shoot enemies around

New epic skin: Cow Mulok

We are very thankful to the whole community during the first weeks of HIVE. We have been playing a lot with other hexadiers and looking all the funny moments that appear on our game, that’s why we want to make a special gift to our community with that skin.

This skin can be unlocked for a limited time, and represent the fights between the factions of #TeamCow and #TeamGoat between users on the social media. Players were divided on a fight where they want to claim the origin of one of our hexadiers

New Trophies

We noticed that a really small percentage of players were able to unlock our trophies, we have realized that our current trophy system was not fair and sometimes it requires a high amount of hours and skill to get some trophies, so we refactor most of these trophies and also make it more fun to achieve. The current trophies are not about how long you play HIVE, instead are about do rare things on uncommon situations. Like kill someone after your death, teleport 4 people at the same time, spend more time sprinting in a game than dashing, or do a 5 headshots killstreak with the sniper, among others.

Other changes

New notifications in game

Added status on the top of the health bar

Added killstreaks notifications

Animations Updates for the lobby and in game

Optimization updates

Multiple Bugfixes