It’s been something more than a month since the HIVE: Altenum Wars was released on PlayStation 4. Since then, we have been working non stop for improving the game and fix all the bugs that appeared. We leave here the most important changes we made on the last 12 updates.

Also, a new big update is comming for the next day 22 of June, with big news, so stay tuned for more information!

Patch 1.13 – News feeds

  • News feed display added in main menu
  • Fixed multiple medals issues
  • Minor gameplay fixes

Patch 1.12 – Adding Tournament Configurations

HIVE: Altenum Wars_20180530182232

  • Tournament System Update:
    • New system to create custom matches. You can now unlock all characters, skins and weapons, ban characters and modify the time/points of the game.
  • Optimization of the network latency.
  • Minor BugFixes


Patch 1.11 – Completing Tournament and ranking systems

HIVE: Altenum Wars_20180530182157

  • Tournament System Update:
    • Tournaments now accessible via password (4 digit code from buttons and directional arrows).
  • Ladder points (LP) for ranking system refactor
  • Added LP win/lose amount information at the end of the game
  • Minor BugFixes


Patch 1.10 – Adding Tournament System

  • Tournament System Added:
    • Added the feature to create Private tournament rooms.
    • Rooms can only be accessed via Play Together feature or Invitation.
  • Minor leagues BugFix


Patch 1.09 – Hot-Fix emergency patch

  • Minor Matchmaking BugFixes
  • Improving league System
    • Now system will find and scroll to the position of the user
    • Leagues BugFixes


Patch 1.08 – Minor patch

  • Improving league System
    • Now league system will try to find the user and load the group and league of the user
    • Leagues BugFixes
  • Game optimization.


Patch 1.07 – Hot-Fix emergency patch

  • Fixed critical bug on Matchmaking system that don’t allow players play online due to the overload of server calls
  • Minor leagues BugFixes


Patch 1.06 – Extending leagues

  • Added groups to the ranking system
    • Each league have an specific amount of groups, for example, altenum league have only 1 group of 20 players, Gold have 3 groups of 30 players, Silver has 6 groups… until Rust league that can have unlimited groups of 100 players.
  • Minor gameplay BugFixes


Patch 1.05 – Minor patch

  • Fixed matchmaking bug that only allows people to play 1vs1
  • Fixed minor leagues bugs


Patch 1.04 –  Leagues System Update

HIVE: Altenum Wars_20180530185220

  • New Ranking system splitted by leagues
    • Ranks are now divided into 5 different leagues (Altenum, Gold, Silver, Copper and Rust)
  • Added a voting system for selecting the GameMode to play in the Lobby
  • Fixed matchmaking errors that players try to join a NULL session
  • Fixed loader bug that shows incorrect game mode information at the begining of the game


Patch 1.03 – Level progression patch

  • Adding an error code to the error dialog
  • Fixed the bug that don’t allow players to unlock new characters
  • Weapon scroll mismatch on lobby fix
  • Local split screen multiplayer improvements
  • Improved player collisions


Patch 1.02 – Completing the HIVE roster

  • Added new 2 locked characters: Olivia and Nature
  • Localization fixes
  • Maps illumination improved, dark areas fixed.
  • Added a timer on the lobby to prevent people being ‘AFK’
  • Weapons balance
  • Minor BugFixes


1.01 – Day one patch

  • New HUD InGame
  • New tutorial mode added to the game
  • Added a “Quit” button at the end of the game, in order to let players skip the countdown of the statistics screen.
  • Sound and FX improvements
  • Abilities balance adjustments
  • Minor BugFixes


1.00 – Launch day

  • 3 Game Modes: Survival, King of the Hill and Team deathmatch
  • 7 Playable characters: Jacob, Mulok, Archer, Cerberus, Sidi, V2, Khloe
  • Each character with 7-8 different abilities
  • Online and local multiplayer. Single player.
  • Ranking system showing the 100 best players of the game.